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Can someone tell me what is happening?

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So its been a strange week !!!! I need your opinions :


My job application happened to get passed on to a this company, a well known brand. At first, I didnt give it so much thought. Until...they gave me a call for an interview! Except they didnt even tell me what job it was for....


Im looking to get into Marketing or Advertising. So i looked through their ad campaigns to prepare for the interview and was horrified. Lets just say their campaign goes clearly against my personal ethics, beliefs and morales. I immediately knew I didnt want to be a part of it.....


So, I call them the next day, and tell them im not interested, and to cancel the appointment. Later in the day, the managing director calls me to ask ME why Im not interested. I was totally taken aback and told him its because Im waiting for another offer....(couldnt think straight). He then goes on to say how great their company is and what a huge mistake Ive made and that im one of the first EVER people in their 10 year history who has turned down or canceled an appointment or opportunity to go for an interview...and that im "unique"(in a bad way?)....and then he tells me that they are awesome, and their campaign is the best etc etc...and that its "my call" and a mistake.


He goes on and on, likes he is ticked off that I wasnt interested. I havent even met the guy.


I just listened to him, and said well, I know what you mean. He barely allowed me to talk even. And then he hung up......


Did i do something wrong? I still do not want to join them, but why the heck is he so offended? and is this even professional????!!!


I got another call from another company in the same scenario, except I went for his interview, and i just didnt like the guy who would be my boss. So i turned his offer down!! and he calls me 2-3 times doing the same thing....gassing about how great they are, and how Im missing out.


What are your opinions on this?

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What is marketing? Isn't it somewhat of an indirect lie? There are ads that use role-models or examples of what you can achieve with their product, but doesn't necessarily guarantee that you can ever be "at that level". Imagine what types of minds are behind creating these false visions, and you tell me who you're dealing with. Haven't had much first hand experience in these types of matters, but there's my 2 cents.

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IMO, BOTH potential employers were acting very unprofessionally. Hubby regularly interviews and hires people and has been turned down before. I can't even imagine him calling someone and basically telling them off for rejecting the job. I definitely know if someone did that to me, that would just reinforce my feeling of not wanting to work for them...

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