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love is so confusing.


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You want my honest opinion? You're not in love. You are convincing yourself that you are in love. I did the same thing in some early relationships that lasted a while. I thought...here is a girl who I enjoy spending time with and am attracted to and have been with for 6 months, I should be in love with her so I guess I'm in love with her. WRONG.


Then I found someone who I seemlessly clicked with. It was love at first site and we hit it off beautifully and it hit me like a ton of bricks. I thought about her day and night and couldn't wait till I got to spend more time with her. We spent days and weeks and months and years on that high. I KNEW I was in love and it was amazing. Nothing could phase me either. It wasn't till I was in love that I realized that what I had before wasn't truly being in love. Weird I know but I hope that made sense.


If you are in love there is no questioning it. Sometimes you can question the partner you are with...I think this is normal, but there is still that love there.

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I wouldn't get too bent out of shape over your delimma though. Every relationship...no matter the envolvement is a building block for when you do meet the one that completely steals your heart and you fall deeply in love with. The great part too is when you do meet that one, there will be a connection and love there that is in such a completely different realm and league than any of the previous people before that. Every other relationship up until that point pales in comparison. You would never in a millionn years consider going back to any of the previous people because it will just be that much better.


The nice part to is that once you've experienced it, it raises the bar to a new level and you now know when you find someone that you have that with or not and you don't have to waste your time with someone that isn't ever going to be right for you.

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I understand your delimma. I thought for a while that I wasn't emotionally able to fall in love because I was meeting and dating and even having relationships with fantastic women...but there just wasn't that magical spark there that caused me to fall completely head over heels...I just can't really explain it. then when I met that girl it changed everything and I found myself VERY capable of falling.


You'll be fine

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One other food for thought. Before I fell in love with a girl I just figured if I was with someone I was attracted to and enjoyed being around long enough it would just kind of happen and I would magically be in love.


For me personally I can now say that this was again not really how it works.


When you do meet the one you will unquestionably know it the moment you meet or shortly after you start getting to know eachother and date.


If it ain't there in the beginning it most likely and in my case never develop. Waste of time.

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Feelings for someone that you've spent a lot of time with is completely natural, and I don't want to discount them. I do, however, think that you are settling and selling yourself short because there is love out there of a different kind and on a completely different playing field and it is undoubtable and awesome.

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