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Fighting procrastination / Managing time / Being self-disciplined


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Profile procrastinator, with absolutely no time management and totally messed up priorities.


I found a few threads on this subject where people ask for help on changing the above reality. Other users try to help, but rarely do we get feedback on the success or failure of the original poster.


I generally believe that we can do whatever we set our mind to. But I’m not having much success on this one. A “to-do” list seems to help a little. But lately, I find myself also procrastinating that list.


I’m looking for experiences from other people who have tried to fight this problem and had satisfactory results. As well as any failsafe tips and techniques.


You know. Because right now, I should be somewhere else, doing something else.

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I concider myself the king of procrastination, yet I find time for work, kickboxing, gym and home school.


It's simply a matter of strong will, and motivation, or the drive to complete somethng or become the person you want to be, the person you imagine yourself to be.


I find that I procrastinate more often than not, and I know it's wrong, I should be out donig something to better my life, or at least make something interesting of it. I do get the odd times of strong motivation, like one day i'll wake up and wanna do something productive, so on impulse, i'll throw myself into a productive activity, such as home school, I knew it had to be done, so I just did it, and now that i'm doing it, on any day that I would usually do nothing, I have home school sittling infront of me, it can't get done if it is'nt there. Same goes for staying in shape, I just joined the gym on impluse, I knew I had to stay in shape, so with that one day of motivation, turned into several weeks of progress.


People are not always motivated, or driven to do something, but on the days where you realize what you have just posted, then take advantage of that mind state and just do what you concider productive.

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