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I don't know from expirience with a virgin, but there could be a couple of problems. ((I am presuming you are a woman)) He might be too big in which case you might either consider lubrication or foreplay for natural lubrication.


***I do think bleeding occurs if he broke your hymen*** never read this, just a thought.


Anyone with better knowledge of the woman body could answer with correct answers.

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yeah. blame it on the breaking of the hymen cuz thats most likely it. if someone has ever told you that they havent bleed after their first time and thats y ur worried, it probably cuz not every girl is born with one and some break it through sports or other ways. if ur a girl, you shouldnt worry but u should go to the doctor to make sure nothing else happened/happens... even thoses not including blood *cough*

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there is a layer of skin inside the vagina when it is broken by having sex u will bleed it doesnt hurt at all its perfectly normal and as for the guy bin too big for gods sake who riote that the guy cud be too big a woman can give birth to a baby seen the size of those so i dont think some guys dicks gunna get in the way

it only hurts if u tesnse up just relax and its as easy as 123

and peace hippy girl taria

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