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she wonts to be frends

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she wonts to be best frends after a 1 muth and 3 week relashinship but i was wondering if i should still contact here right now we just brok up this week we talk on the phone saw echuther at our frends house. but we actid like frends.

you see a lot of my frends are her frends too so no matter what i got to acsept that fact that i am always going to see her

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i think you answered it, yeah id just talk to her or contact her, but only do as much as you are comfortable with, i mean what would you gain if you rushed things, huh?


and with her mates being your mates i guess it cant be avoided, the least you could be is civil, i hope everything works our for you, remember everything begins, ends, restarts, stops etc for a reason.


good luck. kel


p.s. the hardest step is the first one

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