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did i had couple @ the same time???


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I was in our whirl pool with jets in it. So I decide to have the jets hit me and i have to say it felt so good i started to grab myself and i had to stop bc it was unbelievable. Then like second or two later felted like i had to go to the bathroom but here was like small drops i was in the water so i dont know what it look like but then i did it again. THen i decide to do it again bc it was just good i did the same thing again i leak like 2-3 more times. Was i having orgasm if not what was that i was doing?



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Its possible you had an orgasm, but does it matter? if it feels good do it, just be careful to not spray up inside of you. other than that masturbating with water can be a real treat.


As for the "drops" you saw, thats probably your natural lubrication, so dont worry about that, its natural, some women (very rare) ejaculate, this also is normal and ok.


Concentrate on the pleasent feelings, go all the way, find out where it leads to, dont fear those intense sensations inside you. they are natural and wonderful.

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