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I need some excuses to talk to her


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Theres this girl that I really like. I see her around every once and a while. We have never really talked or interacted with each other. What can I do to start talking with her? Im kind of shy and quiet, but Im willing to try most anything. If theres something I could do or say to get her interested in talking or even looking I'd like to know.

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how about you just go up to her. Don't sneak up to her. Make eye contact, look at her and smile, then walk straight up to her. Say,


"hi, how are you?"



then talk about something you both know about...perhaps that's school? Everyone likes to complain about that i spose....really, just go talk to her, don't make an excuse, that'll just make it all the more awkward.


good luck!





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You gotta sell the package. Give her something worth buying....TRUST me, you ain't gonna get her to do it by hiding it behind timidness. The ONLY way you can ever expect to overcome this, is simply, to stop thinking about what you can't do....and start thinking about what you'll miss, unless you do. Perhaps you may be going a little too fast here anyways....there's A LOT you can talk about without having to ask her out in the first sentence.... Slow down a little until you don't feel so anxious. Everything happens in the right time.

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Yeah you need to ask yourself...is what im doing going to attract her? Go watch the Bond movies, particularly Pierce Brosnan. Now I'm not saying to go and immitate him exactly...but just watch how his body language, slow talking, and confidence exude from him....try to capture that.

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Well.... personally?? I believe that more than HALF of the problems we face come from everyone thinking that someone else has more to offer than we ourselves have...... W T F ??? ...Besides, "trying to act like someone else" won't help YOU...God only knows that ACTORS lives aren't really like the lives they portray on the screen......that's HOLLYWOOD!!! ....FORGET ACTING or immitating!! Just be YOU... and maybe j u s t maybe, it could teach us all a thing or two.


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I didn't say to immitate an actor...I merely suggested you take a look at his demeanor, how his body actions exude confidence...also check out Don Juan Demarco. The key again is to capture the illusion of extreme confidence. Obviously, true inner confidence is best...but for all those looking for something in the interim....


Btw, in my experience don't listen to what a woman will tell you, that's all lies. They all say a sense of humour, confidence, intelligence...but all end up dating the "jerk"...why? Because it's more interesting...check how certain characters like James Bond and Don Juan Demarco capture these ideas, and how the women respond...

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