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I'm being asked out by two guys who are best friends

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who would you have more fun going with? you could go with one of them & tell the other one that you will do something fun with just them the next day, or the next weekend. or go with one & tell the other that you will help them find a date to the dance. you are in a tough situation espeically if you dont know which one you would rather go with, but i think you should choose the one you think you would have more fun with.

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ahhhhhhhh, all to familiar. i was one of those guys, it was a bit more of a serious matter though, it tore our friendship apart, i dont talk to him anymore, and i got the girl ;o. so in the end he lost a friend and a girl. anyways i remember that at a dance, while this was all still going on, she wouldnt dance with either of us because she thought it was unfair, well that really hurt alot, id probably rather see her dance iwth both of us so then at least i woudla got a chance to show her a good time. i dont really know what you should do, but maybe you should choose the one you like more, good like, cause decisions can be a bitch

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Personally I think you should talk to them both. How would you feel about ruining a GREAT friendship. You should tell them both that they both asked you. Be sure to tell them that whomever you choose that you DO NOT want it to ruin a friendhship. In a lot of cases this can cause dispute throughout a long time period. Just go with whomever you think you would have more fun with and are most attracted to phsyically and mentally. MAKE SURE YOU DO TALK ABOUT RUINING A FRIENDSHIP...I think thats one of the most important things.

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