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Orgasm problem!


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I am a man, and when I orgasm, my sperm doesn't "shoot", it just 'oozes' out, slowly, and in a small amount. I am 16, just turned 16, so I am not sure if this is normal for starting puberty..or something is wrong. Thanks in advance.

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Okay, lots of different things going on here.


First of all, not all guys squirt like the guys in the porn movies do. Most of the guys you see in those have particular, er, talents that have gotten them into the industry. So if that's what you're conparing to, relax, it's not the norm.


For me, it's often a combination of the length of time I've been excited, and the level of excitement. Longer time and higher levels of arousal result in more.


Also, make sure you're well hydrated. If you're not,volume will be lower.


What you can do though, is pubococcygeus (PC) muscle exercises. You can isolate that muscle by going to the bathroom and having a pee, and stopping the flow of urine. If you can do that, you've located and isolated your PC muscle. This is also the muscle used when you ejaculate.


You can exercise this muscle quite easily, practically anywhere, without anybody knowing about it. Try squeezing and relaxing it 10 times, just like you did when you were peeing. Repeat this every few minutes for a least 10 sets. If you can do this more than once a day, go ahead.


After a few days of doing this exercise, you should find an improvement.


Do a web search for "PC muscle" to find out more.

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