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ok first of all....RELAX!! if you tense up it'll hurt....second...don't put it straight up you want to angle towards your lower back...it might also help to put one foot on the toilet but thats a personal level what you feel comfortable doing....you can also read the directions GOOD LUCK!

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look, just what the othe girl said... RELAX!

trust me, if the muscles are all tense nothin will come in

personally i luv tampons... they are the most hygienic way to deal with menstruation... i did a research in the comparison of both tampons and sanitary napkins... remember the TSS (toxic shock syndrome) thing... read about it and dont get freaked out with all the stupid myths around.

all u have to b careful with is not forgettin the tampon is in... take it out dependin on your flow... remember there are many absorbency types. well, even when i have heavy flow i use regular... cause i change it like every 4-5 hours. although i do use security high absorbency... but they can dry up the vaginal area, and if u dont have lubricant well then u can scratch it up and cause irritation. exactly thaz what happens when ya feel THE pain... first the position, second the dryness... try to get some lubricant and it'll slide in perfectly. this may sound freaky, but in my research i found a suggestion that was spr controversial especially in my school that is an all girls catholic school... so we didnt mention it... i found out that a recommendation for lubrication when artificial lubricant is lacking is to mastrubate for the segreagations to make a natural lubricant... and well... as easily as the memeber goes in... the tampon will go.


i dance ballet since i was 3. when i reached 13 and got my menarch i immediately began to use tampons. my mom taught me how and so i got used to it. with proper instructions... and guidance you'll find that tampons are the best ways to handle such a sticky smelly nasty mess!


napkins can also cause vulvar irritation cause of the friction... it's really not pleasant... so the best thing in conclusion to the investigation was to switch between both methods cause if ya use tampons too consecutively, you'll probably dry up the vagina... and besides... the tampon is nothin more than a bacteria incubator, so make sure u can use it responsibly.


hope my advice served of some help.


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