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What do I tell him?

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O....well thats a hard one. You could just sort of not tell him but hint it to him about how you would not like to go with him at the moment and tell him you have to think about it...and during that time anyother buy might ask you and if you like that guy then go with the guy you like and just say sorrry to the other guy and tell him not to take it personally or anything like that just that you didn't know him that well and am sorry for not going with him....hope it helps i am not that good at this kinda stuff but i hope it helped

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just tell him that you had other plans. if you want to go with someone else, tell him that you might be going with someone else. or, you could take this chance to get to know him more, unless you really don't want to go with him. as for the jealousy part, don't worry about it. you aren't dating him, so if you are talking to another guy & he comes a long, just tell him that you can talk to who you want & for him to leave.

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