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Just friends or more?

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A good way a guy friend could approach me if he were wondering would be to say not-so-friends like things such as:


You are a very pretty girl, do you know that?


I am so glad that I have someone like you to spend time with, you are so (fun/hilarious/cool/you fill in the blanks)


Your hair looks really great when you style it like that.


I have never noticed this, but (fill in the blanks a physical attribute that you could compliment her on, barring the praise of her chest, rear end, or other obvious choice!)


I remember that time when we (give her a forgotten but shared detail of a time spent and show her that you remember little things she said/did)


Those are just a start. Then after you say one or two of these things sprinkled within a conversation (best if in person), observe closely how she reacts (without LOOKING like you're closely observing her, hahah). If she smiles comfortably, could be friends or not just friends feelings surfacing, but check her eyes too. Do they sparkle, are her pupils bigger, does she look away but keep smiling? Those things could mean she has a crush too.


Does she ever laugh nervously when you two are together? Does she almost invariably laugh at most of your jokes? Does she make you feel comfortable? Does she smile when you two are talking and having eye contact sometimes? Does she touch her hair a lot, put a finger up to her lips or teeth and hold it there, does she turn towards you when you sit? Does she ever touch your hand, arm, or play punch you? Does she readjust you collar or ever try to get closer to you, if only for a few seconds?


All of those things are kind of hints that you can use that show a woman likes you. When I like a guy, I don't try, but I tend to subconsciously do them. I've also read that the whole "acting like a little girl" act is another sign a girl is interested, this is when the girl acts demurely or extra innocent, which shows that they would feel comfortable having you take care of them, look out for them, protect them. A girl who only has friends feelings would probably not use that strategy.


Well good luck, and let me know what happens!



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