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Hi, I'm 20 years old and i think my acne has been really severe. neway, It's a bit subsided now but my probelm is the scars they left on my face. Is there anyone who knows an effective treatment for removing acne scars?


I'm in the philippines so I don't really think there are that many cosmetic products available here. I would much prefer some tips and natural remedies.


Thank you.

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Hello there,


Hmm.. depending on your age, chances are some will be repaired and vanish with time. If you still have some acne, try Acutane, it's very chemical and strong and it does have some pretty severe side effects but it works. You have to have a note from your doctor in order to get it.



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i would say that you need to go see a dermatologist. it can actually be an internal problem, infection, etc. sometimes taking antibiotics is required. sometimes the cure is topical.

scarring is from squeezing your pimples, so don't do that. it can introduce infection and make it even worse.

also go check out link removed see what's there on acne. get educated on this problem.


good luck.

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