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I'm sorry mate but this long story of yours got me confused big time...

You are saying that you had lost in life, that you have a woman, who is fat and short, but she still the love of your life?...well hello...i'm sorry whould you talk like that about someone you love for real??

You are 25 years of age and dnt know what to do with your life??? Well all that disorders of personality and so on is total crap..i'm sorry..

You are qrown man, who dont wanna face the army, cause you wont have enough money...is that the only reason?

Look its all in your head...stop for a minute and think...if you had respected yourself well enough, you wont be having those questions now...Be a man!!!

This girl will look up at you if you will know as a real man, what you really want from life, whould it be rather be her as your wife and kids, or you in an Army...I'm sure she is a great girl and loves for who u r, so respect that and if religion will be the only reason for you guys to breal up, then you both should sit down and think what you cn do about it, so then she will know that you are the man in the relationship who knows what to do and how to solve the problem.. about you imaging her being with other man, is preaty normal as most guys do so and it makes them jealous about their girlfriends, and its normal reaction, try not get obsest with it.. and if you know that she is with you the dnt worry you are the one for her..

So dnt panic, just sit down and think what do you want out of this life, 25..hm the life is just starting...be happy live and enjoy the beauty of life, get married, have kids, get a good job, get friends around you and stop complaining, the future in front of you make plans as only you who can change your life the way you want nobody else.

Thanks, take care, good luck

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Hey Man,


I know what you're saying about obsessive thoughts about your g/f former relationships...I did the same thing for yrs with several women (I lost them both because of this). You said "orgies", is that real or just your head, if its real maybe you think about meeting someone else, if its your head, then let me tell you the mind is a very powerful think, it can play tricks on you. once a though gets rolling it hard to stop it (snowball effect). If you LOVE and RESPECT your lady, get some help..if you don't LOVE and RESPECT her, then move on and work on your confidence. Gain confidence and you'll go along way.

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I'm sorry you've been going through this for so long. Have you ever tried to get some mental help, by talking to a thearpist or have you been put on medication or anything? Because some of those problems could be helped by medications.


But about your girl qusetions... If you things you can't put past and get over (like her weight and religion) then don't just think because it would be easier to adapt to them that it will make you feel better. It won't!


If you have oppurnities to get that good job, and make good money, TAKE IT! Don't join the military because you feel you could deal with it because of your anexity disorders.


If you want to talk or anything, just pm me, or my email is email removed

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First thing I have to say...STOP!


Now, take a deep breath and relax.


You don't know what to do. You think that you have to choose one way or the other. Why are you limiting yourself to this way or that way? From what you wrote, I would strongly recommend you choose neither. Until you reposition your attitudes towards both options, you are not ready to go down either road. If you make that mistake now, you will be back here at enotalone, in a deeper pit, and asking for new advice. You feel pain now? It will only get worse if you don't make a very serious readjustment.


First of all, you need to be honest about whether you are in love with your gf. Staying in a painful and uncompatible relationship is not only unfair to yourself, but to your gf. If you have any respect and love for her at all, don't put her in a situation where she will be deceived. You would only be exacting the cruelty that you feel in life to someone else.


Honestly, the company idea sounds good to me. It would be a good alternative first of all to the army scenario (low income), and second, would give you a fair amount of time to rethink your life and your relationship. It would also put you in a positive social environment that will give you a chance to work on your social skills.


You have a lot of personal issues to deal with. I strongly recommend that you seek some professional counselling. Your social attitudes are causing you considerable grief - there is hope - this CAN be helped.


You don't explain what opportunities you let go - I suggest that the first step you take is letting go of these resentments. You will find happiness if you take determined steps towards new and positive goals in life. I like the expression: "Today is the first day - of the rest of your life." Make something of it. Each new day offers you that possibility. Don't take that for granted.

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Thanks guys, I appreciate all your feedback


First of all, I want to get better... this is for sure.


Secondly, the army issue will be in my way for a long time and will ultimately haunt me if I don't serve it now. But I have the opportunity to adjourn it for now and concentrate on my current job.


However if I go to the army service now, I am so worried about what kind of opportunities I will have (or not) afterwards?


This is so freaky.


Please God, help.

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