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playing hard to get???


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Lately, ive been talking to this one girl every 2 days and we have a good time talking. Yet everytime im about to ask her out or sumtin she says sumtin. For example, i was gonna ask her to homecoming but then she said she doesnt liketo dance. Next i wanted to ask her to a movie, so we were talking about movies we saw the weekend and i was like can i talk to you? and she was like no. So my question is do u think she likes me or just playing ahrd to get be honest pls i wont mind.

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Sorry, but it sounds as if she doesn't like you all that much if she's being that straightforward. Girls who play hard to get kind of "tease" about it instead of coming right out and saying it. I would ask her one more time to go do something with you, and if that doesn't work out just move on.

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To me it seems like the girl may just like you as friend someone to hang out with for fun or maybe she likes you inside and is afraid to take a step forward thinking that it might riun the relationship you guys have as friends. I think the first thing you need to do is not ponder over why she doesn't go places with you but move on. Also you should build confidence so that you do find the right girl that will be happy to do stuff with u and blieve me when you find that special someone evrything will be just be perfect. If you friend doesn't want to talk to you,you should probably find out why by other friends or just confront her face to face. Well this is is all I can tell you for your problem. I hope everything works out for u!


*Sometimes love is more confusing then it should be and if it is just move on*

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Well look here. Not every girl that you meet or talk to wants to go out with you and so on. Some girls that talk to you think that you are a cool person and they want someone to hangout with or maybe a new friends. You need to take that into consideration. I would say that she dosen't like you because of all the coments that you get from her. She sounds like a straight forward girl. Those girls may sometimes play hard to get and sometimes they will tell you straight up if something is up. Girls that are like that wont waste your time. This is the good part about them. Another part is that they are a little hard to read. Meaning that its hard to tell what they might be thinking about you or something else. Well hope I helped.

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