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how do u give her a hint

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hi there,


Well, I am taking it that this person is your girlfriend, or knows that you like her and she hopefully likes you too. The easiest thing in the world to do is to just kiss her... if she doesn't want to kiss you, she won't. It may be embarrassing, ut its better than never knowing if she wants to or not. When it comes to stopping kissing, it generally just happens, one of you will pull away slightly and it will just stop... its pretty easy and since kissing is the most sensual thing you can do, a girl, only if she is interested in you, will want to kiss you too, so don't worry too much about it. Its only natural. Hope I was of help.

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thats pretty much it actually... looking someone in the eyes while that close to them (movie theatre seats are generally very close) generally gives the idea of kissing up without having to talk about it. Looking her in the eyes and maybe running your tongue very slightly accross your lips (not pornography style, just soft and lightly) will give her the idea. she might just kiss you instead doing that!!!!

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Well the spelling thing is kind of annoying trying to read it...but anyways you just need to look her in the eyes and slowly move in and like mel said maybe i little lip licking...then see her response if she moves in go for it...if she pulls back just pull back too....nothing to big yet just kiss first Could scare her

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