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I am that striking in looks?


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This weekend I must be sending out some kind of good looks vibe because when I look at a good looking woman, she smiles and smiles even more. And they look like they can't believe I even looked at them.

Unfortunately I'm too stupid to walk up to them and say hi because I figure they just smiled at me being nice. The problem is that even as I walk away and look back, they are still looking at me.

Am I THAT good looking? I mean... I'm no slob by a long shot. I'm a successful 31 yr. old man who looks about 26.


My dilemma is that I notice these women in the parking lot as I'm walking into the store. They stop what their doing and notice me looking at them and they smile back at me. And they continue to look at me, so do I approach them or are they just being polite by smiling back at me?

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Hi Vamp, hope everything is going well with you. I look at it this way, don't let an opportunity to be happy slip by, or you might be thinking what if I would have done this or that, what if I talked to this women or that one. About them just being polite, I don't know I would have to see the look on their face, but if they keep looking after you walk by.. Yes, they are checking you out Bro. I say go for it, just go up to them and say Hi, If you don't get a good response, just walk away and look for the next......

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