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Flight 823


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Seat 1A, that’s me” I think to myself and as I slowly take my seat, at the same

time the stewardess sends me a warm smile.


As the plane taxies on the runway, I begin to flip through a Sky mall magazine,

glancing through gadgets and all kinds of devices that “make life a little bit



The whispered chatter from the passengers is soothing, as they go about their

pre-flight rituals and plans for when they reach their destination.


Welcome ladies and gentlemen aboard Flight 823” the pilot calmly comes over the

intercom “We should be taking off in just a bit, please get comfortable and we

will be in paradise before you know it”.


The gentle chime of the seatbelt warning breaks my concentration from the

automatic cat feeder, as I double check my belt is secure.


The plane gradually and then rapidly picks up momentum, and then begins to take

off. The lift off is smooth and almost feels as if angels are pulling the plane

up from above.


As I gaze through the small oval shaped window I observe the earth as it slowly

gains distance from the plane.


Can I get you something to drink sweetheart?” The stewardess asks.


Water would be great, thank you


As the plane gains altitude, it slowly climbs though the dense white clouds into

what seems to be another world. The now pure white landscape becomes illuminated

by the sun, as the clear blue sky goes on forever.


As I sit back unperturbed in my seat, sailing through the light blue sky, I

can’t help think about “Paradise” and can only envision what it will be like.


Abruptly without warning – The jet engines begin to scream, as the quiet gossip

becomes unbearable terror in an instant. The plane begins to pitch to its right

and then begins to slope downward.


Chaos immediately takes control.


Luggage, clothing and all loose items begin to descend out of the overhead

compartments as the plane shifts. Loosing altitude we pass back through the

clouds which are now red and orange.


The plane vibrates violently as it picks up velocity as oxygen masks drop from

overhead and now bounce and dangle in front of my face addeding to the

uncertainty. All logic and understanding quickly vacate my body, as I become

completely powerless. ……I am going down.


Suddenly, I’m awake.. Home in my bed, and yet, I still feel as if I’m on that

dreaded flight, Paradise is lost.

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