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  1. Sorry for an confusion. We are both single, I made mention of us being exclusive because while we are not seeing other people I am hesitant to jump into a serious relationship. That's another reason I was confused by his words. Both marriages ended for us, different times but both if us are indeed single. My children's father is not involved in any way and my relationship with this man grew from a work relationship into more passion. His marriage ended further back than mine and while she misses him, they dont often talk because their kids are grown naturally. I've kept my kids and n
  2. He will be 52 in a few days and I will be 27 shortly after. We have a dating relationship that has been serious and Inmate but only for a short time. We have spoken for a few months and gotten to know each other, then became intimate and exclusive but with the idea we are not needing to be exclusive by anyone but our own choice. We have a great connection but are private considering all that goes with such an age gap and I like him enough that I matched his exclusivity with me. I have children from a former marriage as does he but mine are young(youngest is in diapers) and his are married and
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