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  1. We went to a wedding over the weekend and I think he was telling people that I wanted to go on his all guy trip which isn’t true . But I think he was doing this because he wanted to belittle me and he does this all the time to me . So one of his friends point blank asked me if I wanted to go and I said my husband knows that I look forward to getting a break from him for a week. And then he looked at my husband and said oh sure she wants to go . I mean who would want to make their own wife feel terrible about themselves.
  2. We were having problems and he mentioned out of the blue that he visited a lawyer . ( this was two years ago ) basically the lawyer told him that he was screwed . We decided to work things out because we have a child in college. We planned a weekend getaway and he confessed that he wanted to divorce because he was thinking about his old girlfriend now that he is involved with his old hobby.He confessed that she used to go with him all the time and I didn’t know it . And he confessed and said that before that we were married she begged him not to marry me . She lived around the corner from us w
  3. He also told me recently that she lived around the corner from us when we were first married. He never told me then but I do remember him telling me to not go down a certain street which was hers . Why would he hide her? Also I think that he kept her around because we separated twice and I also recently found out that he was seeing her . She just so happens to be available every time. She’s been divorced 3x’s already. And he told me he was missing her because he just started dirt biking again and she would go with him back then . Idk something stinks
  4. My husband recently confessed about cheating on me while we were engaged. This happened 27 years ago . If this happened yesterday I would have left the relationship no questions asked . I’m furious and feel like how can someone say that they love you and do this to you .we have two grown children in their early 20’s . I don’t trust him anymore. And I am feeling like he never really got rid of her . Like he always went to her when we had a fight . But I’m not certain. Would you end a marriage of 27 years if you found out your husband cheated while you were engaged? From years ago
  5. He’s a friend. Nothing more
  6. I really don’t know where to begin. I love my best friend. He has always been there for me through some really hard times and I love him dearly. He’s smart he’s funny . he knows me better than I know myself. He’s just a really great person . He doesn’t drink all the time maybe twice a week but when he does he really drinks . I don’t like it and I don’t know how to tell him this . He’s really sensitive too . Also he had an abusive childhood and never went to therapy for it . Maybe why he drinks that way . Idk just want to be a good friend he’s so great to me .
  7. ❤️ Perfect idea Thank you
  8. Thanks that’s such a great idea love this .
  9. I love this idea . Thank you so much .
  10. Thank you I have friends and family . it just stinks that she was feeling so bad that even her son couldn’t keep her here. Her son wasn’t really close with his father. But he is with him now . They divorced when Her son was two . But I’m glad that her ex stepped up .
  11. Today I’m feeling so sad . also it still doesn’t feel real . I lost my best friend to suicide today . My friend just lost her own mother to suicide this past September. She said that she would never want to put anyone through the pain that her mother put her through . that she would never do it . She left behind her 19 year old son today and friends and family who truly adored . I just spoke to her on Monday. She was going through her mother’s things and told me how sad that it made her feel. Her last words to me were I love you so much my friend. I’m going to miss her terribly. How do you ma
  12. Thinking about leaving my husband and I will be back in the work force . I was thinking about real estate . it would not cost a lot to get started financially . But people are telling me it’s really hard at first to make money . What is another profession that like real estate will not cost a lot to get started and where you can make decent money . If any ?
  13. I do try backing off . After we text each other for two hours straight catching up. He was talking about getting together he said that he missed me . said that he’s been a mess since we stopped talking in august . Then after we talked for two hours two days later I texted him . No response. And then Friday I point blank text him why do you text me then disappear still no response. But yet leaves me to believe that he’s interested because he did say I miss you and he did say when you come down here to visit me . Ugh this is hard
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