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  1. He’s a friend. Nothing more
  2. I really don’t know where to begin. I love my best friend. He has always been there for me through some really hard times and I love him dearly. He’s smart he’s funny . he knows me better than I know myself. He’s just a really great person . He doesn’t drink all the time maybe twice a week but when he does he really drinks . I don’t like it and I don’t know how to tell him this . He’s really sensitive too . Also he had an abusive childhood and never went to therapy for it . Maybe why he drinks that way . Idk just want to be a good friend he’s so great to me .
  3. ❤️ Perfect idea Thank you
  4. Thanks that’s such a great idea love this .
  5. I love this idea . Thank you so much .
  6. Thank you I have friends and family . it just stinks that she was feeling so bad that even her son couldn’t keep her here. Her son wasn’t really close with his father. But he is with him now . They divorced when Her son was two . But I’m glad that her ex stepped up .
  7. Today I’m feeling so sad . also it still doesn’t feel real . I lost my best friend to suicide today . My friend just lost her own mother to suicide this past September. She said that she would never want to put anyone through the pain that her mother put her through . that she would never do it . She left behind her 19 year old son today and friends and family who truly adored . I just spoke to her on Monday. She was going through her mother’s things and told me how sad that it made her feel. Her last words to me were I love you so much my friend. I’m going to miss her terribly. How do you ma
  8. Thinking about leaving my husband and I will be back in the work force . I was thinking about real estate . it would not cost a lot to get started financially . But people are telling me it’s really hard at first to make money . What is another profession that like real estate will not cost a lot to get started and where you can make decent money . If any ?
  9. I do try backing off . After we text each other for two hours straight catching up. He was talking about getting together he said that he missed me . said that he’s been a mess since we stopped talking in august . Then after we talked for two hours two days later I texted him . No response. And then Friday I point blank text him why do you text me then disappear still no response. But yet leaves me to believe that he’s interested because he did say I miss you and he did say when you come down here to visit me . Ugh this is hard
  10. Yes I have friends and I have family close by . I really miss the friendship that I had with this man more than anything. He just knew how to make me feel better instantly. My husband and I did do marriage counseling 10 years ago. My husband is stressed all the time from work and brings that home with him . If I try and talk to him he always make me feel like I wish I didn’t. But I was thinking about talking with a therapist by myself so that I can handle him better . He’s a mess it’s taking a toll on me and our marriage.
  11. Thank you . I just miss him . So it’s hard
  12. He lives in another state 20 hrs away . So this was a long distance thing . But yes I think I agree with you he’s unsure
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