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  1. So, guys, I'm more venting than anything else in this post, but I do welcome advice. My boyfriend's family is making me crazy. They're from a extreme Christian cult and I'm everything they dislike: bisexual, marijuana smoker, with many tattoos and pink hair. Of course, I haven't told them any of this (except for the hair and tattoos, because one cannot hide those). Said bf is not Christian, neither is he prejudiced like his family, but he keeps quiet completely quiet about his (lack of) faith to his parents and barely speaks out about his world views. He even goes to church to make the
  2. Yeah, the problem was that he asked for it. It didn't occur naturally to me (as it might, from time to time). I think it's somewhat of bad taste to ask for a gift.
  3. Ah, you can be sure that , from now on, I will. There's no point for me asking for advice here, people think way too different than me. (and it's their right to). Peace.
  4. j.man Well, the best thing in this relationship is the freedom we have to talk about our feelings and what bothers us: a quality that you will generally find in couples that keep together for long. Takes a very base level emotional maturity to be able to do that. As for me being resentful, I do agree that it's not a good thing: he's messed up (in our concept of what someone is supposed to do in a relationship) we've had the talk, now I should let go. My feelings refusing to let go is the reason for this post, actually: venting about my man having made something that I think is unacceptab
  5. Yeah, I basically agree with that. The problem is that he asking me this implies that he thinks one-way sex is somehow okay, which I strongly disagree with. Makes me question what kind of man I'm with.
  6. So, I(23F) am in a relationship with this nice man (28M) for a while now. Things usually are great between us, but something is really bothering me. Last time he were at my place, he started sex (actually, just asked for a bj, plain and simple) just a few minutes before the time he had to leave for work. The problem is that he just came fast and then, due to time, it was very uncomfortable for me to ask him to keep doing things to me. So, for the first time since we're together, sex ended up without an orgasm for me. I talked to bf, saying how bad this made me feel (like I had just bee
  7. EDIT: It does not help that he dates basically me from a parallel Universe. I want so bad to be friends with his girl but I can't because THAT would be really weird after all the bad blood we've been through.
  8. @blahsquared Yes! It's very weird, hahahaha. Like I said, his life is interesting enough for me to want to know how it's going, even if I do not want to play a part in the drama.
  9. @happyfrank I honestly don't think my bf minds that I do that. I'm on friendly terms with all my exes and so is hi with his. We both agree that being jealous of exes is pretty much a teenager thing: if I wanted to be with my ex, I wouldn't have left him to begin with. The ex I'm talking about here IS kind of weird - unlike me, he does nothing to hide his massive stalking- but not to the point that I would go so far as blocking him.
  10. @pippy longstocking Wow, you remember that! I'm actually bi and the ex I'm referring to is a guy...Sorry for the confusion, it was confusing for me as well to come out again
  11. Hi... I think I'll drop my opinion here. Hope it helps First of, sex, or the lack of it IS a deal breaker for most people. A decent person will not cheat in any situation, but s/he might leave if his sexual needs are not being satisfied. That being said, you do not have to freak out. Sex is not just vaginal penetration, really. Do a blowjob on him. Have him perform oral sex on you. Try anal. Try fingers. You have plenty of possibilities until you get that surgery done, and I'm certain that your bf and you will enjoy exploring the alternatives Enjoy yourself, girl
  12. So, me and this guy went out for about half a year. It was kind of intense: I was very much in love, and he wasn't really. Actually, he was dating me and this other girl, which led to lots of dramas, mutual stalking, passive agressive facebook post...you get the picture. in March I left himt I and moved on with my life. It was a bit hard for me to get over my feelings, but I eventually did. During the first months, I stopped following him and said girl in social media, even thought we (me and guy) remained in friendly terms. Time passed, I met another boy, whom I'm with and very happy
  13. Thanks That's mainly my approach to my insecurities
  14. First of all, thanks for reading this. I've always found help when I needed in this forum. So, let me begin the story. I met this guy about 2 months ago in a dating app. We met in person really quick and we got along very well . Now I think I can say we're boyfriend/girlfriend. Given that, we both know it's probably not gonna last forever: he wants to do a PHD abroad and I have to finish mine here before thinking about moving out the country. This is not a problem to me, since I never thought I'd meet my last man in my early twenties, but I do want to enjoy our time together until h
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