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    Guitar Hero 5 Game Review

    By Margarita Nahapetyan

    When it comes to college, all the versions of Guitar Hero are considered by the majority to be the best game out there. Guitar Hero is a typical band game in which players with guitar, drums and a microphone play and sing along with a popular song by pressing buttons, hitting color-coded drum pads or singing notes when they are told to.

    Activision's latest version of the game - Guitar Hero 5 - offers its fans more depth and breadth when compared to its many predecessors. Once more time gamers are challenged to sing along with well-known songs over the past few decades either with previously owned instrument peripherals or those bundled with the game. The challenge is the better they play, the more points they earn and the more new songs, venues, and characters can be unlocked. In case the notes are hit wrong the character is being booed offstage.

    In Guitar Hero 5 there are 85 music songs from 83 different bands. And what is even better is that if someone does not like these songs, they can go on WiiConnect24 or Xbox LIVE and download the songs they like (there are more than 150 songs available via download). They also are given an option to import some songs from the previous Guitar Hero games, and in case players mail in the proof of purchase, they will also get the upcoming Guitar Hero: Van Halen.

    The best part of this wonderful game is playing the guitar. It gives you an unforgettable feeling that you are really standing on stage in front of a cheering crowd and you feel yourself as a true guitar hero. Like Guitar Hero: World Tour, Guitar Hero 5 has perfect bass arrangements. These are extremely exciting first of all because of the use of open notes, in which a player strums without pressing a button. In case of missing too many notes, an instrument becomes disabled, and the other players are given a chance to become crowd's favorite by playing very well for a certain period of time.

    In addition to these 85 favorite songs to play through, Guitar Hero 5 also offers something fresh and new. For the first time in the series, gamers can control multiple singers, guitarists, bass players, and drummers, in any game mode, rather than everyone selecting a different music instrument. What is even more, for the first time the game offers new social "Party Play" mode, where gamers can jump in or drop out of game-play at any given time, without interrupting the jam session. New in-game characters featute Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, Johnny Cash, David Bowie, as well as Carlos Santana, Garbage's Shirley Manson, and many others. Another fun in Guitar Hero 5 is its enhanced "Guitar Hero Music Studio," which gives players an opportunity to create, edit, and upload their own music - now with many more tools available at their disposal. In short, Guitar Hero 5 is an amazing and a refreshingly fun game for the entire family.

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