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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Berthing the Fading Love - Waning the New Dating Trend

    Falling in love is not a recent trend but it has changed its course over years. People these days don't slip in the realm of love and have their own whims to it. One peculiar trait among many is the new dating trend called "Berthing", pervious known as ghosting which is much crueller.

    Berthing involve two people engaging into a casual romance where either of them would disappear from the equation suddenly and without explanation. It is a perplexing phenomena which breaks hearts and shatters hope but despite all its darkness, it is rising among people and growing popular amongst millennials and Gen Zs.

    The theory of berthing may seep odd but it exists. Primarily, it means that you find someone intriguing, go on one date and then sink by avoiding any conversation. It gives one partner an escape route to avoid any sort of commitment or relationship with another person. The catch here is such kind of behavior only works if both partners agree and understand the prevalent phenomena stirred in the air.

    It serves as a protective shield and deters anyone from falling into depression or doubt because they were never sure where they stand with the other person and thus keeps them from the cycle of woe. In fact, the idea of berthing remains a safe haven for those who wouldn't like to be ensnared in misery or discouragement of being tossed aside and forgotten forever. As shocking as it may sound, people have fallen for such relatable and alluring concept of liking someone's company for single night under such calculated agreement.

    Whereas ghosting, forgetting about a person somwhow hides away from the justice system of relationships and investment, Berthing still requires some level of communication if both parties are aware at least of this contract made before entering the bond which binds them together.

    The virtue of the modern courtship is totally unfamiliar to those accustomed to conventions of olden times when two people who were mutually interested courted each other until they married or simply split apart by displeasing one another. Given that this practice was once commonplace, disillusioned hearts can look to the very same society which generated Berthing during earlier ages.

    Whether such dubious maneuvers ever happen to become mainstream or not, one thing that's certain is that it makes everyone question whether its right to date someone even if there is no potential for marriage or to meet again or not. We must be willing enough to explore divergent trends and ask ourselves why we choose lesser seen ways over conventional ones only time have the answers!

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