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I am having trouble studying.

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umm....if you want to date other ppl i say go for it. if he doesnt take care of himself to please you then it isnt worth it. you probably dont love him like a bf more like a best friend. just tell him flat out you want to end it. say that you shouldnt have to tell him how to take care of himself. thats just sick!! its not right. ewwwyyy!! yuck! i feel sorry for you. dum p him. if he can straighten up then you can consider getting back together. if you dont want to take my advice thats up to you, but he should be taking care of himself and not have you telling him to.

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You have to ask yourself how much you want to date other people, and how much you want him in your life. The decision is you either don't date other people and keep him, or you date other people and probably lose him completely, even as a friend. Hard decision, but one you have to make, and it's that black and white. The other things you can sort out. If his hygene is bad, tell him how much it bothers you, and he should make the effort to change, he may not see it as a big deal. If you are that obsessive about it, maybe a compromise. It's all about whether you want to basically never see him again, or if you want him. Nobody else can help you with that decision. As for either getting married or breaking up, that's rubbish, your only 20, you shouldn't be thinking about whether you want to get married, he prolly isn't thinking about it either, you can continue to be just boyfriend and girlfriend for as long as you want, if you want

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