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Is it true women can have more than one kind of orgasm?

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I know about the g-spot orgasm, but I've had an experience where I feel like i just can't stop moving and I want more from my guy and I was wondering if that is an orgasm of some sort to or if i'm just really into the moment. Also i really want to experience any other kind of orgasm there is and if there are any suggestions on positions to have those please feel free to respond! thanx!

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Yes, I believe that what you are descibing is wanting more. It is hard to tell the other person when you would like more, but it is necessary to occasionally speak up when your needs are not fulfilled.


The New Joy of Sex is an excellent book, it is by Alex Comfort. I think there may be an updated version.


Be open to trying new things to help your partner relax and be satisfied and that will normally be returned. Try all the positions that you can think of, and then make up a few of your own. I bet your partner will like that too.

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