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Embarassing..please help!

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Your vaginal lips are normal, don't worry about it. They come in all colors.


Don't be too self conscious about them or it'll ruin your sex life later. I saw a lot of girls who dread sex and dread turning the light on during sex because they don't like their vaginal areas. If you go search for vagina pictures or stuff like that, they all have pink vaginal lips. That's because.... they picked those porn stars with that color or they just put make up over that general area to make it appear that way.


Biore pore strips remove a lot of black heads.


Someone posted a topic about how to remove acne in general... I went through my complicated procedures and someone came up with link removed


I checked the website and found stuff there to be cheaper and easier to follow so I've been trying it out too. It works pretty well and it's really cheap. You can try it too.

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