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Be very careful of resume services! My department was getting outsourced a few years ago & teh company decided to hire resume writters for all of us. My resume turned out to look the same as someone who had 10 years more expirence (& about $15,000) more than me. It made me look really good with just the way they worded it, but the people who had better credentials than me weren't too happy. Plus they cost alot of money.


Your best bet would be to buy a book on writting resumes or search the web for ideas. They can tell you the correct format & give you ideas on how to imbellish a bit.


Don't forget your cover letter either. When I went on an interview with my $200 resume & a cover letter I did (with the help of an outline), I was told that my resume was boring but my cover letter was one of the best they;ve ever seen. Good luck with everything!

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It's true that a resume must look professional etc...but I wounldn't recommend paying someone to do it for you. It really isn't that hard. The suggestion about finding a book that can help you with format etc. is a good one!


I work as a recruiter, thereforeeee I see millions of resumes everyday. Some are certainly better than others, but if you always include a personalized cover letter, make sure that if you have an Objective, that it's not general but direct, then those are good starts for a good resume.


Never gereralize your resume. You may have to make up more than one in order to apply for specific jobs. This is my best advice to start off with! Good luck!

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