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What should I expect in a second job interview?


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I received the news today that the company I went for an interview with in office admin/ reception has asked me to come in for a second interview to meet the other office manager (its a job share and she wasn't there yesterday).


I have no idea what to expect, I'm trying not to get too excited about it but do you think my chances are good?


I also have another job interview tomorrow for a different company but it's in the same area so I have a few options at the moment...it's a pretty good feeling I must say as compared to the last couple of months from hearing nothing from employers and feeling hopeless.


Wish me luck!

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That's great to hear you're having a second interview. Sounds like you are a finalist! The second interview should be pretty similar to the first one. Most likely you'll be interviewed by new people but will get a lot of the same questions again but are probably going to dig a little deeper now.


Are you able to find out the names and roles of the people you'll be meeting. You'll might be able to look them up in a general online search and on LinkedIn to try to get a sense of what exactly they do.


Be sure you have clear a sense of the department's purpose and challenges. Your main goal in this meeting will be to show how you, with your particular skills and background, will help the department succeed.


Good luck again!

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