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things just seem to keep going wrong


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OK so heres whats happening right now i need/ want a job but everywhere keeps turning me down its not like i'm not qualified or haven't got experience in the jobs i'm applying for, but they just keep saying no. I'm not rude or OTT etc because i have had jobs in the past but arg i dont know.

An also my bf an i want to start trying for a baby because we are happy and know we are made to last but i cant help but think that we might be better off going abroad to get work but that means getting ride of my beautiful cat and i have had her for 2 an a half years now and i really dont want to give her away because i will be heart broken because i love her i know it might sound silly but it will hurt me more to give her away then it will be for me to leave my family behind but thats because i dont have a good relationship with my family but we cant take her with us if we move abroad. the moment the only options are to move abroad or to move up north to Manchester because me and my bf have always found it easier to get better jobs more easily abroad or in big cities like Manchester where i use to live.

I mean like right now this is not just whats going wrong our landlord is trying to con us out of more money and our house mate seems like he doesn't want to pay for anything (rent, bills etc) which is causing us problems trust me we have spoken to him about this recently.](*,)

I just feel like i have had enough problems in my past to have to put up with these problems now. I know lifes not easy or smooth running but alittle smoother or easier would be so much better.

If you guys can help me out in anyway it will be much appreciated.

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