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I really need advise on this one, help anyone

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She is saying I have to know her, I have to know each and every detail about her. I am not good in communication and while talking on phone, there is a silence in between, than I ask something strange.


She sometime seems interested, sometime not, as I cannot keep the conversation on going.


What to talk with her and how to avoid silence and how to be romantic with her, I cannot just start talking something romantic, so how to bring it in our conversation.


I know what she likes, dislikes, beside this things what to ask her, what women interested in listening, I really need help on this.

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It takes more than one person for a good conversation, so it's obviously not up to you only to do everything and avoid those moments of silence.


When the first silence appears end the conversation politely, and do the same if you're the one doing all the questions.


Even if you like her and want to make things work it's not going to be possible if she's not as willing as you are.


Talk in person whenever you can and see if that helps or if she shows more interest that way.

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