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Followup but don't know Email address

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I talked with a lady from HR today about a position in the company. She just wanted to ask some questions about my resume, ect.


I never received her Email address to send a follow-up thank you. I have her number and name but cant find her email on the site.


Should I send the Email to the HR email and say:


"I talked with SoandSo today about blah blah..."


I really want (need) this position.

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But it's temporary! Jobs are already on the increase...they say another 9-12 months and we should be in decent shape jobwise.


Handwritten is always better, IMO.


thanks for the encouragement. 9-12 mo is a long time when loans become due in 6.


the "stimulus" may have been a good idea if it created usable jobs and jobs for college grads. link removed towns isn't very "stimulating."

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