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I feel so bad. What should i do?


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I was dating this guy i really like i mean really really liked. Okay i freaken l-o-v-e-d him. Our relationship ended not bad or bitter sweet but kind of sad. Like i didn't expect for it to end the way that it did. His brother past away and like he asked me to go to the funeral but my parents wouldnt let me go. But the week before the funerae l, i contacted almost daily or when he felt like talking to see how he was doing. i tried not to be to pushy and be like are you okay are you okay 24/7 when i knew he wasnt. then the day after the funeral he broke up with me (made me feel like it was my fault) I wanted to be like i understand i kind of do but it really hurt my feelings(still does) Like i went through so much confusion these past 3 months. Like he wanted to see me couldnt make that either then later on i was like why didnt i call him. Then i thought he was through with me but then he told someone i knew that we were going to get back together eventually. then i saw him and i went over to talk to him and we talked for like 5 mins but i had to leave then he texted me 2 days later to check on me. Like i dont know if im being difficult because the next time i saw him i was a little distant then this time he was distant, we talked for like 5 seconds then he walked off and stood with his arms folded. I've gotten over the fact that he hurt my feelings, but know i cant stop thinking about me hurting his feelings. Like i feel bad like im being supid or something( i still cry about the situation and its been 3 months now) I dont like not being there for someone i care about it makes me feel guilty but now i dont know what to do. Its not even like i want to get back with him but it would be nice if we actually talked longer than five mins and were actually friends. Like he always told me he never wanted to me and how grateful he was to have me so why is he pushing me out.? I seriously feel like its my fault and i cannot stop thinking about it](*,).

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well why dont your parents let you go? they dont like him?


i mean, your his girlfriend and his brother just died, he wants you to be there for him but your not. and if you cant be there for him for that, how can you be there for other things?


if you were him, you would be mad too right? since he isnt there when you needed him.

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This is the second time you've posted about this guy, so it's evident that you are really hurting I'm sorry.


But you need to let this guy go.


He is going through a lot right now, and although you tried to help by checking up on him, that's not what he needs.


You live your life, and let him live his. It will get easier on you, I promise. But you cannot keep obsessing over this guy, when he has made it clear you can't date right now.


He might text you sometimes, and you guys talk every now and again, but that doesn't mean he wants to be back together with you. Guys play games. If you stick around, you WILL get hurt.

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