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Hey there Bailey

and welcome to enotalone

Youve defos come to the right place, a lot of people here have similar problems with self-injury, and are in various stages of recovery, or not. it doesn't matter who you are or where you are up to with it, this is a good place to meet people and support others throughout the journey.

Its the kind of journey no one should ever have to do alone.

If you've done it since you were 14 its going to be a hard cycle to break. It will happen though these things take time, so try not to put yourself under too much pressure.

What we can help you with here is learning to talk to people (anonyomous, and fellow self-injurers mostly) about the pain and problems that the cutting works to release. I won't tell you to stop. I know thats not helpful. You wouldn't do it if it didn't work. If it wasn't serving a purpose, and i would never tell anyone to stop or try to take it away from them before they were ready. What i would say is that i'll be here as a support if you want to try to stop, when you feel ready, when you want to stop.


So, what you up2 these days? school?

Morocco huh? sounds awesome! where ya from originally?


x x x

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Welcome! I'm new here myself. I used to cut and do other si things, but I am much better now. I agree with girlfriend. I won't tell you to stop. Only those of us who have been there really understand what it feels like. I know that for me, I always wanted to get better at least. I wanted to get out of the depression and cutting. I just didn't think I could. I wish I had more people to talk with back then, but oh well.


So, I'm here to talk with you anytime. Have you ever thought about what feelings you have that lead to cutting? How does the si help?

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