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Where/How to include a temporary position on my resume?


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I've been working in the same organization since Oct. 2008. My previous position was part-time, however I was basically "bumped up" into a temporary, full-time position. I'm filling in for a co-worker who's out on medical leave; as of now, no one knows when or if she'll be back, but I was told I'd be filling in anywhere from 1-3 months (they think).


Anyway, I'm pretty much anticipating my co-worker coming back eventually, so I'm trying to get my resume together (since I've decided to look for another job if I get moved back down to part-time). The problem I'm having, though, is figuring out how to put this temporary position on my resume.


If it were a completely different job at a different organization, I'd represent it as such. But, since it's just a new position at the same organization, I don't know...


I have an entirely new job title and job description, so should I just list my previous position below the temporary one? Then, for the temp. one, mention that it's a temporary position?


What's really confusing me is, after I go back to my previous position, THEN how do I put them on my resume? It wouldn't make sense to do it chronologically...sorry, this is probably really confusing, but it's Friday evening and it's been a looong day.

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I hope I can be of some assistance to you. I've had the very same thing happen to me, in fact I've had quite a number of separate roles that have ended up becoming temp ones for different reasons. I think a good way to write it down on the resume is to put something like this (just an idea):


Description of your p/t position here, write "current" in brackets after, in case you end up staying in that position for a little bit while you look for another job in afew months.


Description of your temp position here, then write "temp" in brackets after. Maybe give a brief reason too if you can, just to be sure.


Anyway, I hope that helped a little - best of luck to you and I hope you settle in well in your new temp role!

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This situation is quite common--especially in today's labor market. Your job is to make your resume as simple as possible without confusing the heck out of the HR manager who will be reading it. Don't bother including the word temp or using brackets to explain your scenario, you can save that for the interview. Instead, just include both job titles with the years worked. Its ok to include the year, even if its just 3 months. Remember, your goal is to get an interview not to make the person reading your resume play connect the dots. Keep it simple.

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