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i dont want to sound like a horrible person... but you are every guy's dream girl, so.... umm... what are you confused about exactly?


if you like guys, go out with guys. if you like doing stuff with girls, invite them to join you and your guy. he prolly wont mind.

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I was in the same situation as you, and I guess still am.


I like girls, and I like guys, and i have decided that there is no point in forcing myself to choose one sex or the other. There are some things i like about both!


I read a book, and it had a theory in it which i strongly agree with. It said that science has proven that sexuality is a spectrum. Meaning that there isn't just gay/lesbian or straight, with bisexual directly in the middle. It said that some people are closer to straight, some people are closer to gay/lesbian, and MOST people are somewhere in the middle. For example, Maybe they are right between bisexual and straight (so they would like the opposite sex more but still have some biological urges for the same sex). Maybe you are in between lesbian and bisexual? Would that be so horrible?


I think things get scary when we decide we must make a choice, or that there is something wrong with the urges we have.


Did you know that there are gay/lesbian dolphins?? There is also an ape called a bonobo, and every single one of them is bisexual, they have (and enjoy) sex with both sexes.


Try not to stress about it. Love who you love and enjoy sexual experiances when you want to and they are safe. Don't put pressure on yourself, because I have found that no degree of thinking about it actually helps figure it out.

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Uh, kinda ignore what shangrila said, he/she is kind of buying into the stereotype about bisexuals. If you are bisexual (which you don't have to rush into figuring this out yet, you could be lesbian too. People change), it doesn't mean you have to be in threesomes, which is what shangrila was talking about between the lines.


So what I'm saying is that if you tell your boyfriend (if you get one) that you're bisexual and he starts pushing you for threesomes because "All bisexuals like that stuff", don't buy into it. Man, that stereotype bothers me.


Unless he was talking about checking out other girls/guys, but I doubt thats what he meant.

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