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What do YOU believe in?


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i would have to say dependant upon mood and lifes situation i tend to stick with fate.

but its strange to me that when something bad happens like a death i blame god or in the process i.e someone is ill i pray yet at any other moment this is not revelent. i dont get it, it seems to be a reflex i blame myself and then someone who seems so distant.


so fate is my answer, yet with time im guessing that will vary.


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I beleve in fate my self, not like no mater what you do this will happen but there is alot of roads leading to one place and we must chouse what way we go and that will give us a differnt experince but in the end we will end up with the same resalt.

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hey all

i personally believe in a lot of things, such as fate, i think that what has happened, is happening and is about to happen all occur for a reason, i dont think that their is a lot that we can do about it apart from not waiting for something to happen, just live life and except it.


i dont think that i believe in God, there are just too many unanswered questions, and life is too short to wait for them to be answered. such as the problem of evil, why would God want to destroy and harm things which he created. i know that it has been said that it is a punishment for all the sins which we commit but evil happens to thoes who havent done anything wrong, such as a new born baby, how could they commit a sin within its first few breaths of air?


anyway i think i have babbled on a bit and you probably on wanted a few sentences, so sorry

~LJ =;

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