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Confused and wishing for remorse....


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I've been a little on the over-reaction side all my life. But when I stopped breathing at my work then tell my hubby, he just says i am over-reacting. How can I stop being this over-reactor? What can I do to be a better boyfriend? I also get very jealous when he hangs out with other guys. How can I get over this? I want to be the best boyfriend I can. Please help.....](*,)

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I think people are not replying because your post is confusing.


Stopped breathing?

you mean get upset? Just relax.

You are jealous, but does that change him? No. He will just get mad and loathe you. I have been there - learn from my mistake and change yourself now. Jealousy from you does not change what he does or how he feels about you - it just makes you look insecure and b!tchy. I did this for years... it leads to nothing good in the long run. Your feelings will still be hurt, he will be the same, and you will come out looking like the crazy-bad-one.


Just try to find something you enjoy in life and forget about the jealousy. Keep yourself busy. Only if he does give you reasons to be jealous confront him outright, fix it, or move on. Don't live your life being trapped by this green-eyed-monster you have made for yourself.

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