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I need your opinions!! please read this!!

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Ok this is quite random but I just want some general advice from you helpful people. I've got a job interview next week for a job as entertainment manager on a cruise ship. It's quite a big position for someone my age but I have had a lot of experience as a DJ and have a lot of music so I've managed to make it to the interview.


Before the interview I have to make a sample CD of what I would play djing for 50 - 80 year olds in the onboard disco, and another CD of what I would say on the cruise radio and what I would play on the radio for them.


On the disco part I have to progress from start of the night music, to 60s and 70s selection, 'party time', and 4am with 6 couples on the dance floor.


For the radio I have to talk about what's on, quizzes, play music etc. I really really really want this job so any advice from anyone who has any good ideas for what I can play or say on the radio would be appreciated so much.


I have a few ideas of my own, but I'm only 21 years old and I'd rather research my audience by asking other people's opinions. Opinions from older people would be particuarly good please! And anyone who has worked in radio for things to say would be great as well.


Thank you so so much

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