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Calling All People from Utah!!!

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yeah whats going on. i live in Hurricane UT. thats like a pretty big a@# hick town. I basically have my own name for UT, moron city, get it. LOL. anyway i think that our state is just a little messed up. i am not really a big fan of harry potter, but because of how almost our whole school are mormons it isn't alowed in school. we have smenary and i think that if they are provided with a religious class then every religion in the school should have that same offer. you want to know something really funny? our wal-marts in st.G. and around there had to take down all the pregnant barbies off the shelves because she didn't have on a weding ring. LOL. like little tiny people (kids thats just what i call them) are going to notice, and if their parents don't agree with that and don't want them to have that barbie then they don't have to buy it. any way down here we have tiny malls and hardly anything to do. me and my boyfriend want to move somewhere bigger and nicer someday when we get married. hey i feel the same way you do. i mean most of my friedns are mormons and they aren't bad people, but how about a little bit of veriety, someone like with the same hobbies and beliefs as you and not have everyone be the same. well anyway like the emoticons i chose? see ya, Qtpie87

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Yeah I live in East Mill Creek which is close to Holliday and SLC. I am just glad I dont live in Happy Valley I would kill myself if I did. My ex was from there and I hated driving there when a BYU game was going on because it was pure Ass.


Oh and the Barbie thing why didnt the parents just paint a ring on the finger. THey are so dumb. Parents just like to take all the fun out of life.

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