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man....help me...

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man i dont get it at all, how can someone be all over you in person, then want nothing to do with you online? i mean wtf kinda bs is that? tell me why someone could be like that???


aight let me explain.....friday, shes all over me huggen me and crap, then today, i send her an instant message sayen hey whats up and she puts up an away message like 5 minutes later....wtf is that? how can she do that? i seriously dont get how she can be one way with me and another way online...

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Tough one.


Could be she doesnt want to let you in and is scared, could be she is crazy!!!


I had one relationship with a woman and every time we were together she would talk of marriage etc.. then would ignore all emails and phone calls. She used to tell me she didnt reply because she was seeing me all the time anyway. NUTSO!!!

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and another thing....she told me like last week that when i get better at the bass she wanted to start a band with me....and now shes got one...and wtf is that?


and i dont think shes crazy, scared or any of that other crap cause shes so out going and its like when i walk with her in the halls everyone is sayen hey to her, so why would she "be afraid to let me in"?

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THe chick that I was seeing basically had been messed around by past boyfriends and so didnt want to feel exposed. Sometimes she would talk about doing something with me one minute then 5 minutes later agree to do something else. I also think she was a bit crazy but she was fun for a while just have make sure she isnt messing you around.

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