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My Fate


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This poem is open to interpretation:


My Fate


I have no heart,

thereforeeee I have no soul,

I can only see with my eyes,

That's why everything is full of lies,


I sold the spirit inside of me,

for I am already moribund,

no need to help me,

as if you could at all,


The world goes on,

as the cycle of life occurs,

giving birth to infants,

while the hell, we call earth, burns,


Life gets hard,

life becomes rougher,

people die,

people suffer,


I'm not sick or diseased,

nor even different from anyone,

a new view of life,

has been lit like the sun,


Every mistake made haunts me,

it eats me inside like a worm in an apple,

there is no cure for what I've got,

it is my fate.

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although a negative poem to say you are deciding your own fate withing it in such words, i would have to say that it was a very good and powerful poem. i liked the use of description, simile's etc to describe and express your beliefs.


so do you feel without a heart you have no soul?

and if you say seeing with your eyes you see lies, and that is all, why not feel what is around, you take in what is being said an try to understand.

you have to work with things to make them better, but i can completely see your point of the world being in such distruction yet we still feel the need to bring another life into the world to possibly experiance such pain and conflict.


anyway thats part of my interpritation.

great work.


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