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  1. For the past several years I have grown to dislike Christmas. I am the type that would rather just have a nice get together, enjoy a meal with family and friends and celebrate that way, instead of having concerns about what gifts to buy someone.. Maybe because we have lost several family members over the years on both my husband and my side of the family, I do not have grandchildren to buy toys for and some people in my family make a big deal about the quantity of gifts you give.. and now we are all at a point in life where we don't "need" anything, so we basically pass around money and gift c
  2. "Do your facetime, Skype, use WhatsApp on your phone. There's loads of ways to keep in touch easily!" I am asking my mom to facetime more with me to get her used to it.
  3. "Are your parents expressing any objections or fears?"....... No they are not but I think they believe that we will return home to live in a few years, that all this is a pipe dream.. because they know of people that have moved away from their home town and have returned. I tell them they can't base my life on others...
  4. I think sometimes that the guilt I feel is of my own making. My parent are where they want to be ad the coast is where I want to be. My husband and I have traveled a lot in our life and while he was in the military we were even able to enjoy life abroad. Thanks for the encouraging words. I am excited to get this adventure started...but I know that my folks will never visit me there or move there for me to help them. (they think people their age don't do that kind of thing)... they are in their 80's and feel comfortable in their home and surroundings. I understand that.....
  5. We will video chat on facebook messenger. My mom and I have been practicing it the past couple of weeks. we will text and talk like we currently do now.
  6. I am of retirement age and am still blessed to have both of my parents. I also have a sister that lives close by....My husband and I recently decided that we want to move to a beach community in Florida which will be about a 12 hour drive from our current home, as we are getting older and want to do this before we get too old and can't. I am excited about it but also feeling guilty at the same time for leaving my parents behind. I told my sister what ever is gonna happen, will happen, even if I am not home and it will just take me a little while to get back home...She is all for it exce
  7. Thank you for the replies. When the co-worker found out I was "the new girl", He asked me how long I had been there and wondered why he hadn't met me sooner, etc.... I told him I was "happily married" because I have learned that some people don't care if a person they are persuing is married or not.... I felt that by telling him I am happily married like I did, I made it clear to him that I am not a person out to cheat on my husband or hurt my marriage.. I did talk to him today for a minute about a work issue... He seemed cordial towards me but kept the conversations only on the work le
  8. I just started a new job, and I work with a lot of people in different departments. Everyone has been so good to me, helping me get adjusted and teaching me the ropes of day to day business. I am an older woman that has been married for about 38 years. One of the co-workers, that is male, was eager to help me, and chatting a lot. He was kinda too chatty actually, like he was more interested in me than just a co worker. I purposely made sure he saw my wedding ring. He asked me about being married, and I told him, "yes I am happily married". He said "that is wonderful".. now its weird
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