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  1. thanx hdd you are making me feel better and think i made the right choice . thank you again
  2. Hi how are you there ? i dated my ex for 2 years then we decided to break out becuase we both from diffrent religion so i told her to go and find the right guy from same religion as hers and 2 months after i told her that- she came up to me and told me that she wants to meet a guy that her girlfriend intrduced her to him , i told her go ahead and meet him if he is the right guy. she did !and said that she really liked him.and 2 months after they got engaged ,but during all that time she was still calling me and saying hi to me and evrytime she calls i feel so nervous becuase im missing her and i dont want her to be with anyone else even i told her to go and find the right guy .i think im still in love with her.but like one month ago i sent her a text msg telling her dont call me anymore becuase she is with someone else and i wished her the best in life .since then i havent heard from her anything ,what should i do ? becuase im missing her alot !! do you think she still in love with me?should i send her any email to see if she still thinking about me or she is totaly in love with that guy that she got engaged to.
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