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  1. 😁 I have been slowing myself down, as I have written on many of the comments πŸ˜…... Also I wasn't rushing into being in love, at all. But I rarely meet someone who I would like so much, it happens once in many years. And when it happens, then yes - I do fall in love - consciously or not, I don't think that is something we choose. And again - I am not doing any chasing, let alone ALL the chasing 😊 Also if I have manage to irritate someone with the explanation of how I look - I really didn't mean to sound cocky. Just in contrary- I am quite modest when it comes to my appearance as a woman, I would rarely refer about myself as pretty, but I felt it was important to mention it here in order to give a better illustration on my case.
  2. Thank you LootieTootie, your comment makes a lot of sense. The timeline was a bit different, but nevertheless the result so far is the same. I'll take everyone's advise and stay away from contacting him first, (which I already am doing since some time) and loose any hope that there is actually something that I can do to make any difference in the outcome. Obviously when a men is not ready to get serious with a woman, the woman is powerless, that's what everyone here is suggesting.
  3. Not sure how exactly am I coming off a bit too intensively, when I've been working hard on doing the opposite πŸ˜…
  4. Hi, I humbly accept every comment and advice, but get the impression that you have not read in details my post, the following comments and my responses on them, or maybe haven't gotten my side of the case πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Anyways thanks πŸ™
  5. Nah, sadly it has been in the same pace before he left as well... but then I was thinking that he was busy at work.
  6. Those are exactly the worries I have and why I wanted to adress the situation here - because I also don't understand how can you like someone very much and yet keep a distance and take it so slow. This is beyond my nature. But he is a guy, some guys are made differently I guess. And there is no constant texting I am talking about, it's more like one text for every couple of days...... And yet why he keeps it going on then, if he didn't want to connect with me after all?
  7. Thank you all for the understanding and the advices so far. it is precious for me to read your opinions. I'll try to sum up the answers on your comments: We have met multiple times while amongst people and 4 times in private. The first date was a shared initiative- I told him where I will be at and he decided to come there and see me. He said that evening, that he have been single for a while and was open for a relationship, hinting with his body language that he refers to me. That's the evening when we first kissed, and the very next day came the message. In the message he implemented that he wanted to be honest with me by telling me that he felt a bit scared because he "likes me too much" and that's why he needed to put breaks on it. My respons was very calm, saying that I understand (although i don't) and that I know how to handle it. Fews days later we met on an event that we both attended on a regular bases, there he sat next to me and very obviously for all his friends around, he was holding my hand on top of the table. Some days afrer that he started texting me that he was hoping to see me again, invited me on a concert and eventually invited me to visit him at his place. Our last 2 encounters was at his place, where I made it clear that we are not gonna end up in bed, but yet we did enjoy our company very much, with talking and making out. You know how you can see when someone likes you and wants you, it's in their eyes.... He was OK with me restraining the sexual drive, although he was hoping that we wouldn't stop. He has been a complete gentle man in every kind of way, very respectful and careful to not do any discomfort. After the last time I saw him he went on a holiday, and I have barely heard from him. I am being as strong as I can to hold myself back from contacting him, but it's hard. Few days ago I got a photo from him infront of a swimming pool with the caption " you should have been here". i replied jokingly. And after that almost nothing again. So instead of loosing my mind, I decided to hear some thoughts from other people, that would take my attention away from him and help me find the right approach. πŸ™β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ very helpful so far I must say 😍
  8. I would usually agree on that, but I have seen how fast he answers on other people, basically right after receiving a text. He is on his phone very often when not engaged in other activities or conversations in person. Also i can see when he is active, and yet he does not reply to me for many hours. That is why I am concern, but I'll take your advice and try to not put that much into it πŸ˜”.
  9. But what should I think about the lack of response from his side? there are days when he is online all the time, when I send him a message (which I do really rarely), he doesn't care to even open or reply on it for hours, sometimes even the next day. Is it just pure lack of interest....?
  10. I met this amazing hot sweet guy about an year ago, I felt his energy right away and I was sure that we would be a good fit. I know that he found me attractive too because he reached to me on a message, expressing that he would like to see me. We have been out on few dates in the last 2 months and we got very close physically, haven't had sex yet, because I'm trying to wait with that, but we have been very close to that. I think that we are having really good time together, we share the same hobbies and sense of humour. The problem is that he doesn't seem to be be that much into me as I am into him - the communication goes slow, he does not express much emotions towards me. It goes days in between every message, sometimes he doesnt answer until the next day. I have asked him if he is seeing other girls, he answered- no and that he have been single for a while. Few weeks ago I got a message in which he expressed that he likes me a lot, "even a bit too much" so he "got a bit scared" and felt like he needed to slow down. That message came after we had a really romantic Valentines-day in the park when we kissed for the first time. That got me very confused, I thought that he simply doesn't find me as attractive as he did at first so i was ready to count my losses and go on with my life. But for some reason he kept on wanting to see me after that, and when we are in the same room he never takes his eyes away from me, and seaks my physical contact all the time. I'm trying to stay cool and not put any pressure on him, and not reveal that I am really deeply in love with him, but I am burning inside and I suffer, because I think about him all the time. I realise that he is probably avoiding commitment and doesn't want to rush into a relationship, maybe he hesitates if I am a right match for him. But then why keep me warm? Is there anything I can so to provoke more affection from him? Just for the record- don't mean to sound immodest but for better picture - people say that I am quite good looking, I am well fit because I'm a Latin dancer. Also I am kind by nature and have a pleasant presence (people say ☺️) Thanks in advance, any advice would help ❀️
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