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  1. I think people on this forum must be 50+
  2. I feel like I'm just repeating myself over and over again lol Telling an anxious person to not be anxious isn't helpful. But thank you for all your suggestions. He hasn't even texted me since this morning so idk what is going on lol but time will tell. And I will just wait and see how it goes.
  3. well clearly that didnt work out for you if you had to meet 100 men.... lol I couldn't meet up for one weekend. i think you guys are more butthurt than he was. he couldnt make it this week. so hopefully we can meet another time.
  4. i agree. im an anxious person in general. like i just wanna meet up already but i think that itself is giving me anxiety because i think he's not going to make it. and im usually right
  5. Yes, I tried to reschedule lol so we text pretty much the same thing every single day. so he texts me good morning, and then we talk about work and then what we had for dinner and then the next day its repeat My friends have told me I am a dry texter so maybe it is on me? idk I noticed when I had a flat tire and more to talk about then we texted more
  6. I feel so weird asking him to call me - I feel like he should be doing that if he wants to lolll
  7. So I would take naps everyday after work and as a joke i told him to call me after work so I dont fall asleep and he did it once but thats about it lol
  8. Even though I said I was busy (which idk why everyone is ringing this over my head. do you guys not have lives???) I still created convo and still made effort. I didn't just end the convo. I also made suggestions on where we should go and other available days that would work. I think the convos weve had lately are just pretty much the same talk. so maybe hes tired of it idk
  9. Yeah I guess so. I just feel like he's not even want to meet up with me lol
  10. So last week I asked him what he was doing the weekend of Oct 7th and he's like I don't even know what I'm doing next week and I'm like oh youre not a planner, like you dont plan ahead? and he's like no i go week by week and i plan my weeks every sunday lol yesterday, there was this new halloween maze that opened up like 2 hours from us and he said he was down to go lol but those are just words
  11. We both agreed mutually to go to the halloween maze. So I asked him last week what he was doing next next weekend (not this weekend coming up - the weekend after) and he said that so far ahead - he plans his weeks out week by week lol
  12. I think everyone's anxious attachment is different. for me its the unknown. at first I didn't realllly like him - like we were talking but I didn't read much into it but then we spoke on the phone and i really liked his vibe and the convo and we had a looot in common and then I guess from there because I had interest in him I started picking up on things like how often he replied and stuff like that but thats because I am interested. The anxiousness comes from him not communicating well and not texting me a lot (he still has not responded to the 10AM text) but then to try to calm my anxiety I tell myself that we havent even met and just focus on the communication after we met. But then also my anxiety tells me he doesnt even want to meet me - hes leading me on. its just a lot of anxiety and overthinking.
  13. So we were texting for a few weeks and i had no sudden interest in him, it was just whatever. then one night he called me and it was way better than texting. like we just clicked and we had a lot in common as well and from there i was like wow i really liked that convo, i'm interested in meeting him asap.
  14. So he says he's not a planner and plans his week every sunday lol
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