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  1. Did you just notice that- You have no right to be calling her a hoe behind her back or whatever. It's worse that you even thought of her like that. Let her be. You have absolutely NO control over her. It's just how she feels. If you are unsatisfied then don't date her. Simple.
  2. You said you were "trying to make her better." Also she said that, what do you even fear if you say yes? The idea of her talking to other guys when she gets bored?
  3. She's not your girlfriend atm. You can't just do that either, it makes you seem jealous.
  4. OP, you date people for who they are. Not so you can change them. You don't have the same type of humor as her, etc. Why do you want her as a girlfriend who you aren't satisfied with? Besides, trying to help her get "better" and stop being a "hoe" shows that you're the problem here. You're trying to change someone who isn't yourself. This would turn into psychological abuse later on in the future. For now, make YOURSELF better instead of making her better. Coming from a girl myself, you seem jealous and controlling. I presume you're young as well. You have a long way to f
  5. Ew. Absolutely not. You sound jealous. If you're that harsh on her, then there might be a reason why she doesn't see that you care. So simply you're just jealous of her hanging out with other guys. Let her do what she wants. So you're attempting to change her so she would be a better girlfriend for you (correct me if im wrong)? I mean it sounds good that she's getting better, but are you forcing her?
  6. Your daughter would be more important in this situation. Your husband is an adult who can sort himself out, but your daughter is a minor. I'm 14 (close to your daughter's age) and I will say this with my point of view: I would rather have a mother stick with me rather then having my mom siding with my father (just for here, not in real life.) Be the mother your daughter needs.
  7. I was asking for the future. Like I stated, I might wait until high school (sophomore year maybe) to pick.
  8. I was thinking about this for a while, thank you for the tip. However, what if one of them asks to date me? I'm scared of hurting the other. I do like both and care for them too. Also, how can I know I picked the right one at least? I'm also scared that I might regret it, that I didn't date the other.
  9. Honestly, I don't intend on having a serious relationship until like, Sophomore Year maybe? For me I prefer dating but really taking it slow too. I don't like to go too fast right away.
  10. I'm 14, turning 15 soon. That's why I said I'm going to high school. My parents are okay as long as I don't become an emotional mess. Overtime I learned how to control my emotions so I feel like it is okay. Sure I can ask them to hang around, but I'm basically super duper awkward around people since I never had a real date. They never had a real date either so I don't wanna screw things up for them PSA: I don't want to have sex with anyone until I'm sure sure. Also giving birth to a child is scary.
  11. I'm going into high school (freshman year), and I'm turning 15 soon as well-
  12. You should watch the movie sometimes, it's one of my favorites.
  13. Honestly, they don't care what time I go to bed because I always wake up before school. My grades are all A's currently!
  14. Will do! I'm planning on waiting until high school to see where this is going, but I will balance it. Don't worry :)
  15. heh hoshi here you dont have to give me advice im just violently vibrating from what im processing so heres the story of what literally just happened. | v meet A, A and I used to very like each other. **We thought we were dating for like 4 months but nobody really asked the other out nor broke up with each other. So you can say we thought we were dating and we drifted apart because we thought we broke up. (i will be listing this as "relationship") there's B (he'll come in later), B is the legendary guy I mentioned in my past threads. I liked him for 2-3 ye
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