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  1. Glad I could help. My inbox is always free if you need to talk. Stay strong. ❤️ mg
  2. i'm currently trying to level up on a game called genshin impact. i just recently unlocked co-op mode (multiplayer mode that can be unlocked at 16). i have a few more xps to level up to 17.
  3. i know how you feel cryingduckie. when one of my ex broke up with me, i fell into depression. i try to do everything towards one person and they go away. i felt hopeless. what i would do is to slowly build yourself up. this was your first love right? you're gonna experience this along the way. divorce, multiple breakups, etc. it will all end soon. you're gonna be happy again.
  4. hey, i dont have the best advice but i can at least give you a little hope... please remind yourself that you're a powerful woman. this gives you time to focus on yourself. this will all be over soon. one day or another. i promise. -mg
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