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  1. Hi everyone, thank you so much for the advice. I replied stating that my weekend was fun and asked how he is doing? he mentioned family commitments has kept him busy and would like to meet me again but not sure when, and it would depend on his daughters schedule with him. He seemed genuinely busy. I agreed to meet him but asked him to give me enough notice.
  2. Ok, he just texted "how are you and how was your weekend" not sure what to reply.
  3. No, I mean he mentioned he usually is not comfortable with someone who isn't exclusive and he mentioned that he is, so, I decided to be exclusive too.
  4. My self respect stops me from doing that i.e initiating the conversation. Should I wait for couple of more days and if still not text, then assume it is over? He was the one who brought up exclusivity and I was seeing a couple of more people when I met him. I had to stop seeing other men of my age for him because I was genuinely attracted to him.
  5. Ignoring is maybe a poor choice of word I used but he did not initiate text. I can see he has been a little busy with some garden and children visiting, but nothing so consuming that he cannot check how I am doing. We alternate and this time I chose to pay because I initiated the date.
  6. Last time it was me who initiated the date, I wanted to take him to this fav place of mine and I paid the bill etc. He is in his 60s and I'm in my mid 30s
  7. I'm dating this guy for a couple of months and had an amazing time. We did get physical around 5+ times as of now. He usually will text me the next day morning to check up on me or to plan a next meet for lunch or something. Last time we met, we went to my fav dinner place and watched a movie at his place then got physical but next day I got no text. So, I sent him a pic of something funny and his reply was just "Haha". It is crickets for the last 4 days. I have not reached out to him yet. I can see his home from my home, we are on the same street. It isn't like his phone broke or something, he is quite active on social media. I have no clue if he got bored of me and to my knowledge I did not say or do anything that could have upset him. He is a bit elderly so I give respect to his age and I believe he is not into playing games etc. I do not really know how to handle this and I also do not want to text him if he thinks of it as annoyance or being too available. Is it not fair to expect some sort of communication in a day or two regularly especially if you are exclusive?
  8. Sorry for dragging this..I went there again in desperate need for a coffee plus also noticing another barista on the counter. Walked in with a relief (thinking that he wasn't working today), just while grabbing my coffee, he noticed me from another corner (he was on an other chore) and waved at me and said "thank you so much for the list! my brother was so happy since he was hunting for a good list too" and I was like "yea! I haven't seen everything on that list but hope you enjoy it" and then bye bye and walked out. What a massive waste of time for everyone. No clue what happened there and it just ended so dry.
  9. So it's been a couple of days and I've got no text/call from him. I really cannot understand men. I haven't visited the cafe yet and it feels weird to even walk past. I feel like a fool.
  10. I did it!!! It was nerve wrecking. Finally got the courage to walk up to the cafe, usual chit chat - 'how are you, how is your day etc' I asked him if he saw any movies lately and he replied "No, you said you would give me a list and I'm still waiting for it". Then I said, "I've got the list for you today", and handed him the list with a note at the end to contact me if he needs to know the source to watch it from, ended it with my name and number. Ball is in his court now 🤞
  11. Yes! this is a very good advice.Thank you very much. I should also make a decision and move on but just not sure if 3 weeks is a short or long period to come to a conclusion on this.
  12. I feel like this is progressing really slow. I went to the shop today, but this time I had a friend with me and she is from similar ethnic background as him. He was obviously cordial but not too chatty with her and also he doesn't know she is my friend. He seemed happy and full of energy even at 3.00 pm in the evening. I think I heard he said 'looking good today' but I wasn't sure so I didn't want make it awkward by asking him to repeat, then he said 'looks like you had a nice day today since you look good ', I replied 'I'm about to go for a walk with my friend who just got the coffee in-front of me'. He said 'Oh I didn't know she was your friend, is she from <his city name> too?' ' I wasn't too sure, so I said I don't know' I'm starting to think if he actually likes my friend who is of the same background as him (anyway, it doesn't matter since my friend has a boyfriend and her type is not him). From her observation, she said she could not say if it was genuine interest or he just seems like a charismatic person. Anyway, I still haven't done any screw ups, I'm keeping things positive and light. Rest, I'll leave it to the almighty, and I'll offer my number only if he asks. 🤞
  13. An update on this but nothing major. Today I visited the shop again and we chatted quite a bit. He was asking about what sort of movies I watch and what sort of movies he likes. He asked me to write down names of a few movies I enjoyed. I was a total loser, I could not think of any at that time so I said "I'll come back with a thought through list". We also spoke about food across various cultures etc. This could also be interpreted as he is quite chatty with perhaps everyone? Would it be good chance to ask for a contact to send the link over? or will that be intrusive?
  14. Thanks every! I don't have a feeling that I blew off anything, it was just a casual instant reply, and I also think if it ends for such a tiny mishap, then it isn't meant to be. My worry is do I look needy/desperate if I daily go there buy a coffee and chat with him? It can be a turn off for some guys? Not sure if there are ways to find out if he is the same with other customers i.e genuinely nice as he is to me.
  15. When his manager is watching him while we had that chat? That would have been very bold.
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