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  1. Sorry for dragging this..I went there again in desperate need for a coffee plus also noticing another barista on the counter. Walked in with a relief (thinking that he wasn't working today), just while grabbing my coffee, he noticed me from another corner (he was on an other chore) and waved at me and said "thank you so much for the list! my brother was so happy since he was hunting for a good list too" and I was like "yea! I haven't seen everything on that list but hope you enjoy it" and then bye bye and walked out. What a massive waste of time for everyone. No clue what happened there and it
  2. So it's been a couple of days and I've got no text/call from him. I really cannot understand men. I haven't visited the cafe yet and it feels weird to even walk past. I feel like a fool.
  3. I did it!!! It was nerve wrecking. Finally got the courage to walk up to the cafe, usual chit chat - 'how are you, how is your day etc' I asked him if he saw any movies lately and he replied "No, you said you would give me a list and I'm still waiting for it". Then I said, "I've got the list for you today", and handed him the list with a note at the end to contact me if he needs to know the source to watch it from, ended it with my name and number. Ball is in his court now 🤞
  4. Yes! this is a very good advice.Thank you very much. I should also make a decision and move on but just not sure if 3 weeks is a short or long period to come to a conclusion on this.
  5. I feel like this is progressing really slow. I went to the shop today, but this time I had a friend with me and she is from similar ethnic background as him. He was obviously cordial but not too chatty with her and also he doesn't know she is my friend. He seemed happy and full of energy even at 3.00 pm in the evening. I think I heard he said 'looking good today' but I wasn't sure so I didn't want make it awkward by asking him to repeat, then he said 'looks like you had a nice day today since you look good ', I replied 'I'm about to go for a walk with my friend who just got the coffee in-
  6. An update on this but nothing major. Today I visited the shop again and we chatted quite a bit. He was asking about what sort of movies I watch and what sort of movies he likes. He asked me to write down names of a few movies I enjoyed. I was a total loser, I could not think of any at that time so I said "I'll come back with a thought through list". We also spoke about food across various cultures etc. This could also be interpreted as he is quite chatty with perhaps everyone? Would it be good chance to ask for a contact to send the link over? or will that be intrusive?
  7. Thanks every! I don't have a feeling that I blew off anything, it was just a casual instant reply, and I also think if it ends for such a tiny mishap, then it isn't meant to be. My worry is do I look needy/desperate if I daily go there buy a coffee and chat with him? It can be a turn off for some guys? Not sure if there are ways to find out if he is the same with other customers i.e genuinely nice as he is to me.
  8. When his manager is watching him while we had that chat? That would have been very bold.
  9. No, he is not the owner and he actually travels for an hour everyday to get to job and he often says he is way too tired around 3.00pm, but still manages to be cheerful and be nice to me. You are right! I was a little disappointed that he didn't say anything forward when I said I had nothing much to do on the valentines day. I don't really know if he has a family/girl friend etc. He said something like, "people are in worse situations without jobs etc and you should cheer up and see what you have got and feel lucky etc" It was very platonic but the other day he was "take care, be safe, stay wa
  10. oh! detour meaning the topic got diverted between a female barista, me and him about oat milk.. No, he didn't say that, I did for being alone on a v-day as a joke and I believe he took it as a joke too coz he laughed.
  11. I have an update: I went for a coffee today and it was as usual, he asked me how my day was and I said 'nothing exciting, I might go for a walk...sad life (being valentines day today)... maybe I'll drink and passout infront of TV' for which he laughed. There was an other lady at the counter joining in the chat about oat milk etc then it got detour and I left 😞
  12. If I do that and if he finds that weird (or if he was friendly to be like he would to any other nice customers) then I'd miss my cafe 😞 there isn't much around here.
  13. Thanks @Wiseman2 you are always there for my rescue 🙂 but do men think less of a woman who is so forward? And honestly, I do not have the courage for it and rejection is hard for me.
  14. So, something bizarre happened the other day that actually left me feeling happy and smiling for the next hour. So, visit a cafe regularly to buy things and guy on the counter used to chat with me ask how am I doing today etc. He is always very sweet and I like chatting with him. Couple of days I could not go there due to long working hours, and I was walking past just before they were closing. It appeared that he somehow noticed me walking past from far inside of the shop, and ran to the door to say, "he can still make my drink". Without realising this, I continued walking few yards and not s
  15. Thank you @purplepaisley This is so true, I did expect something deeper than a casual hookup/handout from this coworker. Also makes me think, irrespective of the respect you earn on the professional front, some men see women only one way. I haven't texted him since my last text which was to sync back in January and he hasn't texted me either. I'll see how I feel in a couple of weeks and then depending on the situation, planning to go cold or maybe ask out (if I feel terribly lonely). Discussing this with an other colleague/friend, she felt that I might have bruised his ego (he did ha
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