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  1. Thank you guys! All of your responses are more than welcome and appreciated!! Btw I am going on after that and I realized I really ack trust and confidence on myself, thats why I was worring about him. Can you give any advice on any good source (book/course/audio/) to improve confidence and trust on yourself?? Thank you!
  2. He is the same guy and he insisted again on that home date tody, so I am calling him off. It looks very inappropriate for me.
  3. Ah, nobody wants us. What a curse. Hahah didn't mean to offend, but people in here without me saying anything about the appearance of guy assumed he was charming and I got attracted to him just because of that.
  4. if I propose smth to do outside and he agrees, is there any chance he was just testing the waters before and he may be a good guy, is there any possibility, or he will just fake like he like to go out? Thats the point I do not trust that much peoole, if he says ok to a date outside I will think oh he is just saying that but what he really wants was what he proposed at beginnung. Btw he isnt charming and Im not fond of supermodel guys, I may say he was smart and good talkative but not handsome.
  5. I am having some examples lately of guys who are perfect, and we have a perfect first date, converstion, laughs, etc. After that I go home excited thinking about how may tings advance, meanwhile their next move for a second date is inviting me at their home to watch a movie. Dont get this, it really dissapoints me as I thik that means just to have some casual fun. It is weird but it i not the first time it happened to me. After this I totally lost my trust on these guys, how can I build it back? It is funny but it is the third time happening nd they all seem great guys during first date...I j
  6. Yes same kanguage. He said next time I should plan. Maybe that was being polite. Maybe he was afraid of me being uninterested on him? He was very shy by the way. He told me he hasn't been dating from three years ago.
  7. Hey guys, he just send me a message asking me out. It is alright. Thanks to all
  8. Dont think that is lack of confidence or social skills. As he planned the first one with so much confidence, he said what he wanted to do and that was nice. He didnt seem antisocial
  9. The quedtion is for guys, when you are unineterested why would you let the plan on her? You just be direct and don't say anything. That is better right? I am very direct, and I do not text a word unless I mean it. And what type of game may this be? What is he trying to achieve? I am curious. Or he just doesnt want me to feel bad about him not liking me, so he comes up with this just to say something. Maybe he has had bad ex├▒eriences with other people who do not pay for a date? Maybe he means I need to pay this time? It is awkward but I just lost interest on him after those words.
  10. Hi. I am a 32 years woman and this guy is 34 yars. Sorry for mi english. We dated yesterday and that was very short date as he had some other plan after. But we enjoyed a good time there. After the date he told me he had fun on the date, that the next time I should plan date because it was my turn. I feel a bit weird, he didnt contacted me after a date, is he uninterested? He asked me tocplan date next time. What does that mean? Maybe he inst interested. I haven't written anything to him since. Should I write something. On first date he payed and I know that the nect time is my turn to pay, bu
  11. Hwy everybody! I live in Europe and I would like to have any suggestion for career and personal growth. I have studied a technology field and I would like to find any project that can permit me be coauthor in any paper and present it in any conference. I have seen many sites but thay cost so much and they do not give you the opportunity to be coauthor with someone. I would like something for really unexperienced people in the research field who like to learn and cannot afford the expensive conferences. I can also work for that in a volunteering way notpaid. It is just so difficult to find aome
  12. Sorry I never mentioned dating sites.... And never mentioned bored. Lonely is different from bored. To fight boriness I have friends, family, do things etc. But I thought I should give him a chance or two to understand better if I wanted him.
  13. Pls someone tells me how to say to a man that I don't want to be romatic with him after a couple of dates. I feel guilty cause I think I dated him cause I was lonely and I realised in the first date he wasnt the one. But I like him so much as a friend, and he is so sweet I dont wonna make him feel bad about spending money and time with me. Sorry I dont speak english well.
  14. No I am not comfortable. I just want to delete this part of my past or widh I could change it. I just feel obligated from conditions as you cant keep it hidden.
  15. Wiseman but at somw point in oir life he is going to ask about my previous experiences or relashionships right. So I think you cant keep it hidden from your significant other. Yes I am stressing over this cause it just sounds bad I havent had any experience up to now, he is going to think I haven't been desired. But actually I have. I just havent liked any ome of the chances I have had before.
  16. How would you guys feel if that would be the girl you were dating? What would you think about her? I am very self conscious about that.
  17. I don't know why. I guess you gotta tell somebody about that so they have it into account that the other person is inexpierienced, right? I feel like he deserves to know it previously. This is why I came for an advice, should I tell him or just go with it and see what happens.
  18. No, I am not afraid other girls will please him more. That is not the point. I know what I should know about sex and how to be pleased and how to please. Just havent done it. And no sapiosexual does not mean that you can have open weird conversations. If you still didnt get the point, well here it is. I am afraid he will think I have been waiting so long only for him that he is the right one, that I wang to marry him blah blah. This is a good relashionship but I havent been waiting for him, nor want I to marry him because of that. Things just came at this point eventually. Also I am afrai
  19. Now please dont get me wrong. If I say I decided to wait till the right guy that means that not I am doing it because I want to and because I feel he is the right one. I just dont know how to talk about him about the fact that I am in my mid twenties and still havent done it. I feel so uncomfortable saying that. Yes he is a great guy. And I am not worried that he wont understand, I just cannot accept myself like this. He will understand but anyway this will give him another picture of me.
  20. Hey everybody, I am having a concern lately which I wouldn't like to share it with friends or other people closed to me. I'm on my mid twenties, but I have never had sex before. The reason is not relegion nor is it lack of partners or possibilities. Now I know I am a weird person but I just like to do things a bit slow in my life and to wait for the right person. I could have done it with different giys just didnt find anyone attractive enough as I am a bit sapiosexual. Now I sometimes think it was an error cause I should have experimented a bit more earlier but here we are. Now I am g
  21. Hey blop. Let me share my viewpoint. Firstly I have a question, do you actually enjoy blowjobs, handjobs, and kissing or you just do it for your boyfriend and to keep your relationship alive?? Ig it is the second you know where this is going, it is incompatibility whose solution is freeing yourselves from each other and finding your soulmates. But if it you are really enjoying those secual acts as you call them, here we go to your concerns. As per your religion beleif of not having pre-marital sex well actually handjobs, blowjobs mean that you two are actually having sex, even though not
  22. I don't think that is a mental problem either. Communicating just like someone suggested would be a great idea, even though it may seem difficult. I don't think she would be comfortable with your other idea and also running miles may lose a bit of your selfesteem in that case if things go wrong. Good luck! Don't lose the chance :)
  23. Should we move to whatsapp before first date?
  24. And if they give you their phone number so that we move to whatsapp before having first date? Im not comfortable with that.
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