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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Healing The Trauma Of Our Past

    We all have our share of scars that mark the path we've taken through life. Some will cause us to pause reflectively while some nudge us forward. But no matter how we react to them when they surface in our minds, these scars can never be erased.

    Sometimes, those lingering marks upon our souls can come from traumas we've experienced in our past. Perhaps it was a traumatic experience that sent us down a hard and winding road, broken at each turn, like so many fallen leaves. Maybe it was the death of a family member or the end of an important relationship; whatever it was, it significantly altered our course in life and changed the way we view the world.

    Although incredibly difficult and painful, this trauma can offer us a chance to heal and to re-emerge. Instead of letting the pain remain numb and frozen inside us, we can choose to reach out and start to rebuild ourselves. It might feel easier just to carry on as we had been doing before but with enough courage and dedication, we can truly begin the healing process.

    This is no easy feat. Like climbing a mountain with sharp rocks and sheer cliffs, there may be times where our progress seems non-existent. We could take two steps forward, only for us to fall three steps back into the darkness that pervades our soul. But giving up should not be an option; rather, it is essential for us to keep trying even if the journey is difficult and fraught with much tribulation. Every step we take sends a ripple outward that can bring solace to our inner self.

    Traumas are not limited to extreme events like natural disasters or physical abuse; even something as seemingly benign as being dumped by someone we care about can leave a profound impact upon us. The key is to recognize the gaping wound inside our hearts and find alternative coping mechanisms to fill it. By engaging in activities that we enjoy, such as reading a favourite book, playing a sport, or spending time with family and friends who offer us unconditional love, we can slowly heal emotionally and rebuild trust in the world once more.

    It is also important for us to be compassionate and understanding of ourselves throughout this process. An essential part of recovery involves allowing ourselves to feel vulnerable and accepting that trauma is inevitable in life, as we are all human and imperfect. Forcing ourselves to move on, without fully dealing with what we have gone through, could result in haunting repercussions that can be harder to work through in the future.

    Though the road ahead may seem dark and treacherous at times, it does not mean that hope does not exist. If we arm ourselves with strength, persistence and courage, healing is possible and growth awaits us at each turn. We can never completely forget our traumas; instead, by coming to terms with them, we can find peace within our hearts again and manage any residual pain with dignity and grace.

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